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Name: Orion Shadow
Species: Unicorn
Birthday: 17 October
Magic Color: Dark blue
Voice Actor: Matt Smith/Peter Capaldi

The old manor house has been empty for a long time. Once it was busy and thriving, as a family of Trottingham nobles called it home. But over time, things changed. The matriarch, an elderly mare, finally succumbed to the passage of time, and passed on. The unicorn and his beloved earth mare split, and she took his foals with him. Alone again, the unicorn sold the manor and moved away, returning now with none of what he'd had before. He's starting to go grey in his mane and tail, and he's largely dispensed with previous ostentatiousness, preferring a more back-to-basics look. He won't talk about his family though, or say much about his travels, save that he seems to have spent a lot of time in Scoltland.

Old profile:
What his house in Ponyville looked like: http://goo.gl/icQUI

General background:
Orion Sirius Brownmane was born October 17th to Sir Azul Brownmane and Lady Indigo Blaze, a pair of wealthy aristocrats from Trottingham. They lived in a mansion on the edge of town, and always had a decently-sized team of servants to keep the house up and running. Azul was mayor of Trottingham for several years, and so was usually very busy with government work. This meant that it was left to Indigo and the servants to take care of the young foal. As he grew, Indigo tried to raise Orion to be a prim and proper pony, though this was foiled when he expressed an interest in going to the local public elementary school. Once he got there he was bullied and mocked mercilessly, but eventually was able to make a friend or two.

Orion was a very adventurous little colt, and could usually be found exploring the local woods with his friend Seabreeze. When he was about 6 years old, he earned his cutie mark, a pocket watch.

After graduation, he began to follow in his mother's hoofsteps and studied to become a schoolteacher, as she had been. Other relations pressured him to become a politician, but he said he had no interest in pursuing politics after a failed campaign to become class president.

After receiving degrees in education and mythology from a university in Manehattan, Orion returned home at the age of 23 to teach at the university there. He soon became head of the history department, but continued to teach until he was 31, when he decided he had enough and wanted to go traveling. Late that spring, he arrived in Ponyville and soon became roommates with [[Zephyr Haste]], and formed many friendships too. During that summer, he became mixed up in the events surrounding the Glooze and [[Nightmare Moon]]'s second return, and was one of several witnesses to SapphireNight's gradual transformation into NightmareJewel, a name he came up with himself. For a brief time in mid July, Orion was partially taken over by the very magics that had corrupted Greenling and turned her into Darkseed.

During this, Orion met and fell in love with the earth pony magician, RavenShadow. Their love for each other was so strong, that by the time of the first battle with TheGroundskeeper, (and the night Orion asked Raven to marry him) she carried him to the safety of the medical tents, and watched over him carefully. By the end of August, the pair had married, and in October, were expecting their first foal.

MelodyShadow was born on the first of March, much to Orion's great joy. Since becoming a father, he has become fiercely protective of his wife and daughter, and does not take any threats made against them kindly. He would do anything for them, as he loves them both with all his heart and soul.

Nowadays, Orion lives in yet another manor house in the residential area of Ponyville, with his wife, mother, and two foals, Melody and Vincent.

Physical appearance:
Orion has a grey coat, a dark brown tail and mane, and dark green eyes. He wears a mixture of outfits, with most of them involving colorful jackets, vests, cardigans, shirts, bowties, and hats.

He is, for the most part, a cheerful pony. He is also very generous, as evidenced by allowing several ponies to stay in his house, without paying rent. Furthermore, he is loyal, and willing to stand up for what's right. He's helpful to anypony and everypony, especially his friends, and extremely talkative. Unfortunately, he is also very naive and gullible.

NOTE 2: Orion's front door is guarded by two small stone gargoyles, Roranicus and Idris. According to SapphireNight, they can talk and move around.

Gumption: 3
Quickness: 2
Excitement: 2
Smartness: 3
Caring: 3
Friendship: 1

MP: 5
HP: 6

Initial Appearance: http://fillydelphia.com/g4/view/120
Second Appearance: http://fillydelphia.com/g4/view/516
Sali's Version: http://fillydelphia.com/g4/view/828
Hub World Version: http://fillydelphia.com/g4/view/1388
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