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Name: Photo Finish
Species: Earth Pony

I... PHOTO FINISH! ... Have arrived!

In a word: Absorbed.

Photo Finish is an average sized female pony with a robin-egg blue coat and a white mane and tail. She is part fashion photographer and part talent scout. Her job is to meet ponies and discover fashion talent and then take perfect pictures of them for the world to see. She loves her job perhaps a bit too much. She talks with a pseudo-German accent but with an unplaceable edge to it. She is always wearing a designer dress and large rose-colored sunglasses.

Photo Finish is a seasoned pony from Canterlot and works for all the high-brow fashion magazines there. She has been working in the fashion industry all her life. Her cutie mark is a star which many believe is because she has 'De Magicks'. As a result of this background, her views on life and social norms are very skewed to this perspective. Indeed, situations that would frighten the daylights out of most any pony are perfectly normal to her.

Two quirks of her personality that stand out are her constant self reference in the 3rd person (e.g. "I, Photo Finish, have arrived!") and her ridiculous amount of self-confidence. She does care about other ponies, using her verbiage to build up their confidence and convince them of their talents and abilities. Often this is a form of coercion to get their cooperation, but every now and then she will say something genuinely friendly.

Photo Finish has a team of lackeys who have learned to do their jobs diligently and then disappear when their boss says the word. Their devotion to her is a proof of her excellent taste and enduring track record of finding only the best and most perfect talent for her photo shoots.

Recently she noticed one of Rarity's hats while passing through Ponyville and stopped to investigate. To her surprise, she discovered an even more amazing talent in Fluttershy's modeling abilities and inborn grace. After a few weeks of being Equestria's top model, Fluttershy retired from the scene leaving Photo Finish to find a new star.

Many thanks to Tek_Croon for the bio!

Photo Finish's Character Sheet
2 - Too much blush… not enough… too much… not enough… PERFECT!
Quickness: 3 - And now… I GO!
Excitement: 3 - How do you feel? Overjoyed? Excited? Thrilled beyond your wildest dreams?
Smartness: 4 - It is time to make… DE MAGICKS!
Caring: 1 - Don't be ridiculous. You're only facing a large crowd of ponies, who will be watching your every move, and silently judging you.
Friendship: 1
Cutie Mark: Jewels and stars. Whenever a check calls for her knowledge or skills involving photography or fashion, her relevant stat is treated as 1 higher.
Association: Smartness.
HP: 5
MP: 5
SP: 4

Now that Photo Finish and Hoity-Toity have been released in a trading card set, her Cutie Mark has been officially revealed to be the same as Twilight Sparkle's.