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Note: PLEASE PM Rarity if she doesn't respond to you being around her and she should. She gets swamped and I don't always notice new arrivals.

Notice: Rarity has a new new player. Please keep in mind, I do not know everything that may have happened between you and Rarity previously, so feel free to fill me in. (Player change happened: January 19)
Previous player was Shinula, who I can only hope to be as good as.

Rarity's mane is currently sparkling like crystal!


Rarity represents the Element of Generosity. She is a lady through and through insisting on only the finest clothing and accessories money can buy. Modern and sophisticated, she insists on being treated with dignity and respect. She is dissatisfied with anything less than perfection.

Her magic talents may not seem 'powerful' to others, but amongst a spell for locating precious gems, she displays accuracy, control, and a speciality for fine details, which all help her greatly in her work.
She lives in and owns a dressmakers shop near the centre of Ponyville called the 'Carousel Boutique,' where she strives to create the perfect outfit. Her designs are known by all the major fashion designers in Equestria as one of the brightest up-and-coming talents.

Rarity is a wonderful pony to have as a friend. She loves to lavish compliments on her friends, give them makeovers, and dress them up in her latest fashions. No matter how trivial or life-threatening the situation is, she always does her part to ensure that she and her friends look their best even (rarely) to the sacrificing of her own appearance.

Rarity also has a tendency to be self-centred and prideful. Those ponies who are in her bad graces are treated with disdain and anyone or anything which is not up to her standards will be criticized. When things don't go her way, she's quick to complain. With further difficulty she resorts to whining and temper tantrums. Her attention and focus on the little details of things often make her come across as impractical and inefficient.

Opalescence is the name of Rarity's white cat. She is very lazy and mean. Rarity chooses not to see these qualities, pressing her into service helping around the shop though there is no doubt she is aware of them.

Gumption: [2]I am a lady! I'm not weak, I'm 'delicate'.
Quickness: [1]Running is so pedestrian.
Smartness: [3]Everypony in Ponyville comes to me when they need fashion guidance.
Excitement: [4]Oh darling you make it sound as though it's going to be hard...
Caring: [3]You're wearing that?! Let me just tidy it up for you...
Friendship: [1]Nopony can resist the charms of Rarity!