Account Characters
Name: Sable Night
Species: Alicorn
Eye Color: Coal

Cutie Mark: None

Physique: Gentle

Residence: The Old Castle in Everfree

Birthday: May 23

Occupation: None

Motivation: Unknown

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Character Summary: Sable Night. A child of darkness. Born some thousand years ago from the dark and malevolent energy of Nightmare Moon, a sick, twisted and wretched being known as the Glooze. For nearly a fortnight this incarnation terrorized Equestria, but in a confrontation, ponies across the land, with even Celestia in attendance, it was vanquished, and in mercy and love, it was given a life.

At ground zero, this foal was born. A child of every deepest wish of every pony still standing. A blue, dark as starless night, almost, though, perhaps grey? It's not entirely clear a mane just the same. In darkness, just as he was first created, but this time with light. Struggling to cope with the world around him, an unnatural pony in a world that once feared him.

Unable to cope with his existence, he went on a journey of soul searching and had many wonderful experiences, before turning home half a year later. He seems somehow, different... But it's not quite clear how.

Additionally, he has a few items to his name as gifts from his.. what was it called? Something day. The first one.

'Something' from Rarity.
A scarf from Kyubi Heart.
A bed from Princess Luna.
A starscape in a ball from Wicked Wishes.
A pair of (much too large) flight goggles from Rainbow Dash.
And a home, a set of drawers, an' a fancy hat from the apple family!

These are his only worldly possessions, and they are all treasured.

Gumption: 3 -
Quickness: 2 -
Excitement: 1 -
Smartness: 2 -
Caring: 3 -
Friendship: 1 - Sable Night is a reserved and mysterious pony, and while most of ponyville and a large portion of Equestria knows of his existence, he has few friends. He rarely speaks to anyone, but those he does talk to inevitably seem to have had problems alleviated. He says little, but when he opens his mouth his choice of words seem to have a profound effect.
Cutie Mark: Sable night has yet to acquire his cutie mark, but there have been subtle hints about what he might represent.