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Species: Unicorn
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Shadow Orchid IS Milagra_Lilac. Shadow Orchid is a defense mechanism she uses when she's uncomfortable.

Shadow has completed her plan, her past is past and she is now engaged to MojitoJoe. In the process, she overused her magic and is suffering from the burn-out. She won't be able to use magic for a few days to a week or so.

Shadow has given birth to two foals Daniel Cobalt Regulus and Felicity Rose Regulus on Dec. 5.

MojitoJoe gave her this:


Shadow Orchid is a mysterious and reclusive Unicorn. She will tell you she was born and raised right here in Ponyville though the wherabouts of her parents is unknown. She is very clever and prefers to live by her wits rather than work a job.

She lives outside Ponyville in a secluded glade. Her home is very open and simple. She only has what she wants because that's how she wants it. She may ask you what your preference is with regard to something. It's not that she's actually interested in your opinion, it's just that it gets tiresome always getting your way all the time.

Shadow_Orchid is very studious. With her time she has learned the law code of Ponyville back to front and therefore can exploit legal loopholes at her will.
She has also studied the arts of alchemy and chemistry. Combining that with her Unicorn ability to make things grow has given her an interesting combination of abilities. She uses these abilities to help the lowly and downtrodden however, she always asks a price be paid, oh yes, and she never fails to collect on her debts in her own due time that is.

If you meet her, you may be surprised at her seeming generous nature. She hands out cards to her potential marks. The card very simply lists Shadow Orchid's name, cutie mark, and where she can be found along with the tagline, "Growing dreams every day."

Mostly Randomly Generated Birthday: Oct 13

Gumption: 1 She's a reclusive magician
Quickness: 1 She's not particularly active
Excitement: 3 She's lazy but always watching for an opportunity
Smartness: 5 This girl's devious
Caring: 3 She's empathetic
Friendship: 1

Cutie Mark: A lilac Orchid on a purple background
Cutie Mark Ability: As a Unicorn she is gifted with growth magic. This applies to plants as well as ponies.


Ponies who owe her favors:

Auger :For a cloudhome and wardrobe