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Name: Shine Night
Location: The Night Side
Species: Other (Zebra)

Portrait by SapphireNight <3

Shine by Sali

Theme Music

(Blue Scorpion, by Kevin MacLeod)

If status is set to OPEN, it means Shine is in The_Night_Side and a lamp with the word OPEN on it, is lit up. The shop is open for business, and Shine's looking after it for her mother!

Physical Description

A young zebra filly, which resembles Shinula very closely, and if it weren't for the age difference, they would be mistaken for each other! She's short, with a long messy jagged mane, dull red eyes.
The filly is quite dirty at times too, remnants of her current projects coating her hooves and spoiling her already messy mane. She's taken to tying her mane up though, probably to stop it getting caught in machinery.

She's clearly a young filly, and acts like it too, energetic and unrestrained, although a little more than tomboyish most of the time She's constantly on the prowl for interesting things to keep herself entertained, glancing about even when trying to talk to people.

She also got herself some kind of choker, a black strip of unknown material, tightly bound around her neck. It has a small golden bell attached to it, which occasionally jingles as she moves.
For some reason she seems to be constantly bruised or lightly cut, always finding different spaces on her body for a very mild injury.
Her voice is confidant, sometimes arrogant, and has fair hints of a foreign accent, pertaining to that of a certain zebra tribe.

She is also not cute

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Ponies Shine knows well enough to have thoughts on them. If you think you should be on this list, tell me!
Sorted alphabetically.
Blue_ThrushAn overly affectionate friend
Cherry_Blossom[Data Encrypted]
Crystal_ShardCurrently unkown. Rival respect?
CydiThinks she's a hobo
Gardania"Gardan." Quite fond of.
Iona Considered Aunty. Scared of sometimes.
MaydayConsidered Aunty. Confused by sometimes.
OctaviaCrazy posh mare. Pretty cool.
PancakeThat damn cat!
SapphireNight[Data Encrypted]
ShinulaA relative of Shine?
SparksGramps. He's so old.
StarlightWingSeemingly fond of.
Sunset_SkyeSunnie! Very fond of.
WickedWishesWhen Shine grows up, she wants to be just like Wicked

Shine's room.

Shine lives in the Night Side, a shop and home owned by SapphireNight. Shine has her own little room, full of all her junk.
Right outside is a door, once made of wood but now covered in various metal plates, mismatching and bolted on. There isn't any visible handle on the outside and most of them time it's straight up locked.
For those who get past it, the room itself is very dark, and tends to stay that way, there not being any actual dedicated light sources. There may be hoof held torches around, or one could ask the little tiny robot drones, skittering around, always just out of reach.
Piles of scrap, unfinished and broken projects, and just plain junk, litter the floor, along with some various large machines.

There was furniture too, yet strangely unlike everything else, it all seemed well looked after. A four poster bed by the window and a vanity table(Although for some reason the mirror is covered).

Other strange items to note, was a hammock hanging over the bed, and in the corner of the room, an office locker which had been reinforced with plating, much like the front door. It was VERY secure and clearly held items of great importance.
Against a wall was a damaged glass tank with cracked glass, full of what appeared to be cloud, occasionally giving off sparks. It gives absolutely not indication as to why.
Right next to the cloud tank... was a vat, full of swamp water. It has a warning sign on it, although it's in Farasikaan so not very helpful to anypony.

There's a single window in the room, just over the bed, but it has metal shutters on it, that can only be controlled from the inside. It seems to be very secure.

Puzzles and Ponies Character Sheet.
Type: Zebra
Cutie Mark: Dangerous Idea

Gumption: [2]
Quickness: [1]
Smartness: [4]
Excitement: [3]
Trickiness: [3]
Nastiness: [1]

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