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Name: skyflys
Species: Pegasus
Skyflys is boycotting VINMART. Put this in your profile if you are too.

age: 19

Gumption 1 week compared to most ponies

Quickness 1 his wings where damaged when he was a small colt and he has never fully recovered. after a treatment in the hospital he is quickly recovering

Excitement 2

Smartness 4 hes an average pony but can work his way out of bad situations

Caring 5 never likes seeing sad or hurt is always willing to do whatever it takes to make things right

friendship 1

Cutie Mark: a glass heart


Baby_boo: a really good friend who he trusts

Neikos: somepony who he really cares about

Sketches:his best friend

Muddles: a good friend

Fable: doesn't know her as well as he wants to but but still considers her somepony he can trust and a good friend


Genso_Boshi his coltfriend

pic by Sali