Account Characters
Species: Unicorn
A blue unicorn mare with an old-fashioned conjurer's hat, complete with bells dangling off it that jingle with every step she takes. Her mane and tale are a combination of pink and magenta.

Her personal history, in comparison to others, is really quite boring, though she's done her best to make the most of it; most of it has been spent studying magic in every form, pushing herself to be the very best at every kind of magic there is: Conjuration, telekinesis, alchemy, enchantments, even the so-called "dark arts" that has every other magic-related pony quivering in their horseshoes. If it's magical, she's at least spent a good chunk of time studying it, and more than likely another good chunk of time practicing it--save for those darker powers which required some kind of sacrifice be made.

Consequently, she is quite well-studied on a number of things...but many other parts of her life are...quite...lacking. She's overly confident, almost to the point of being arrogant, and nothing seems to faze her. On the other hoof, she doesn't always notice when a situation has gotten awkward, and doesn't take to hints very well, oftentimes missing them altogether. In addition, the most physical activity she normally sees in a day are to run to catch some artifact or alchemical vial before it hits the floor after falling off a shelf, or to dive for cover behind a table when something's about to go boom...and she's not very good at any of those things...

She finally has a number of educational degrees which proclaim that she's at least almost as impressive as her great-great-great-great-great...great...greatgreatgreatgreatgreat...great...uhh, I lost count...grandfather, who was one of the most important and well-known conjurers of his day. She was named after him when she was born, and she strives to live up to that name, and not let her family or her ancestor down.

Her birthday is apparently May 30.

PNP Sheet:

Gumption: 1 "Uhm... Lift and carry that? Hang on, I'll just use my telekinesis!"
Quickness: 1 "WHOA! DON'T LET THAT-----fall..."
Excitement: 4 "Ohmigoshohmigoshohmigosh--IS THAT A NEW SPELL???!!!??? ... Oh, it isn't? Nevermind."
Smartness: 6 "What'cha need to know? Math, magic, history, I got it all!"
Caring: 1 "Hold still! I know it hurts but--oh, gosh, where does THIS bandage go? Oh, let's just...put it right there..."
Friendship: 1 "Friends...? You mean my books?"
CM: A white five-pointed star with smaller stars swirling out from it. Pretty amazing she happened to get a cutie mark that related to her name, huh? I mean, how often does THAT happen?

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