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Name: The Countes Drucilla Carmilla Von Gravenstein
Location: Gravenstein Manor
Species: Unicorn

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Gravenstein ponies.

Their house is a museum
When ponies come to see 'em
They really are a scre'am
The Gravenstein ponies.


So get a witches shawl on
A broomstick you can crawl on
We're gonna pay a call on
The Gravenstein ponies!

The Countess Drucilla Carmilla von Gravenstein is rarely stirred to display emotion, always regarding the events around her with an air of detached amusement. At times she comes off as being world-weary and aloof, but she always has her hoof on the pulse of the goings-on at Gravenstein Manor. Although she rarely shows great emotion, the Countess is hardly dispassionate — as a matter of fact she is one of the most passionate members of the family, even more so than her wild-eyed husband.

The Countess is tall, svelte, graceful and speaks with a Prancesylvanian accent. Her movements are fluid and lithe, often catching the eyes of even those stallions put off by her morbidity. She occasionally wears a long, tight-fitting black gown that accentuates her curves. She wears her jet-black hair straight and unadorned, allowing blood red lipstick as her only coloration. She is an eccentric noble with a taste for the bizarre. (I didn't add the gown to the picture because of layering issues with the mane, and I wanted to show her Cutie Mark.)

When she was a filly, the Countess had a pet manticore named Mister Tickles.

The Countess' Character Sheet
1 - *Claps her hooves together and has Sway do whatever it is that requires physical exertion*
Quickness: 2 - Run? Why? It's only a vicious creature vith sharp fangs and vonderfully pointy claws!
Excitement: 4 - There is a bog nearby? Oh, how delightfully dreary! You simply MUST take me zere some night!
Smartness: 3 - I vas near the top of my class in magic kindergarten. *Her horn glows with a black aura and the room suddenly gets darker*
Caring: 3 - Oh, you poor dear! Vy do you fear the monster under your bed? He's friendly... SEE?
Friendship: 1 - The Countess is new to Ponyville.
Cutie Mark: Three bats. All of the Countess' spells have some sort of macabre effect -- her horn glows black, small black clouds appear, she poofs into a swarm of bats when she teleports, and so on. Association: Excitement.
HP: 5
MP: 6
SP: 5


There's a type of apple called the Gravenstein. So, knowing that, I came up with the idea of sort of a pony version of the Addams family.

They are not cruel, evil, or dangerous monsters. Much like the Addams Family, they are somewhat macabre in their expression and tend to like creepy things, but they are good pony folk at heart and enjoy friends and family. They just also happen to enjoy spiders, bats, eerie moonlight nights, dusty dungeons. They picnic in the Everfree Forest because it's so delightfully gloomy. They live in a large mansion outside of town near the Everfree Forest, recently purchased by the family matriarch, Countess Gravenstein. There is nothing any more supernatural about them than any other pony, so they aren't monsters or ghosts or undead or anything, despite their appearances. Basically this is meant to be an homage to the Addams Family, not a bunch of murderous monster ponies. They are cheerfully macabre. Think of them as an entire family of Perky Goths.

Current Members
Cousin_Thatt, a somewhat hirsute cousin.
LupusGravenstein, part relative, part pet!
Sway, the Countess' hoofmaiden.
Uncle_Canker, a marvelously morbid uncle.

If you'd like to join the Family, either as a relative or a member of the household staff, post your idea HERE! You can be any pony type (EXCEPT alicorns, as per site rules). The Pegasi of the family tend to have bat-like wings, but that's not required.

The Family Paintings in the house include:
Great Grandma Bash, a stern-looking unicorn holding a mace in her mouth
Uncle Nightshade, a bat-winged Pegasus
A night scene of the ruins of the sisters' castle in the Everfree Forest, with a full moon bearing the image of the Mare in the Moon