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Name: Titanium_Trance
Species: unicorn
Age: confidential
From: confidential
Lives In: confidential

Theme songs/Situational Playlist:
(coming soon)

About: I'm the 2nd oldest of the Trance brothers and the oldest of the Trance Triplets. my brothers and I come from a long line of musically talented ponies, each generation doing a different type of music performer. our generation picked up Dj-ing. Even though we all DJ, we all have different types of music we are best at Dj-ing. Mine personally is party music a pony can dance/ head bang to . Although we are all DJs we also play instruments, mine being the guitar.
I'm fun, love to party, and I'm pretty smart even though I don't show it. I guess I need to cut this short, so I'll stop here and update this page as things progress for me

Talents: DJ (Just like my bros.) , and playing the guitar
Family: Step_Trance (the oldest brother) Dubious_Trance (middle triplet and middle child) Electro_Trance (youngest triplet) Tecq_Trance (The baby of the family (dawwww))

P.S. one of His ticks is to change his voice

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