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Species: Alicorn
Twilight Sparkle is an Alicorn with a light purple coat, wings, and horn and a dark purple mane and tail with a pink stripe.

Puzzles and Ponies Character sheet:

Gumption: 2 - Twilight is fairly average physically, but not exceptional. Too much time reading books!
Quickness: 2 - She's not the fastest pony in Ponyville, either, but she can get around
Excitement: 3 - Despite her bookish and shy exterior; Twilight can get very eager and Motivated about life, especially when it involves new experiences like friendship, or reading books.
Smartness: 6-Twilight is definitely one of the smartest ponies in Ponyville, from all those years spent reading books and studying.
Caring: 2 -She is usually very concerned about her new friends, and tries to take the feelings of others into consideration. She can sometimes overlook what other ponies want to do for her own plans, however.
Friendship: 1-Twilight is still learning about friendship, and although she's been working hard, she still has a long way to go.

HP: 5 MP: 8 SP: 7

Cutie mark: Twilight Sparkle's mark is a purple star-like symbol, showing that her special talent is magic. She can use her horn to call upon a variety of magical abilities, including teleportation, levitation, and the growth of majestic, awe-inspiring mustaches. Her magic always uses her Smartness when rolling for checks.