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Name: Varien Quill
Species: Unicorn Pony


4th June - Varien is now wearing long, trench coat and also and fedora with red feather on it. Inside coat is tag which says "property of Varien Quill". Also have cutie mark on the coat.

16th June - Varien's cutie mark updated.

25th June - Varien wears now Tan trench coat, with a Yellow and black scarf, a matching hat that had a pen and note book in the,Hat sash. A Tan vest with a white handkerchief, in one of the breast pockets.

5th August - Varien got red ribbon, for getting secondplace in first Ponyville Rodeo.

Varien Quill. A young stallion with light brown coat, short black mane and glasses on his muzzle. He almost always carry his ink, parchments and quill in saddle bag. As for cutie mark, on backround you can clearly see an eye, but also a quill. It's not two talents though, it's what he does. Writing what he see. A reporter. But also he's a private eye, when he can.

Varien always wanted to know everything about anything. At least about other ponies, he isn't a type of type of typical "egghead" after all. He also is hungry for gossips, informations and secrets, so it makes him to be a perfect listener. Varien talks much, tries to be friendly, but he's also loyal to "true" friends, only few of whole community. Mostly he cares about fame, wealth and few closest friends.
If there's danger somewhere, he also try to help, but again, mostly because of gaining fame and money, if possible.

He raised up in Canterlot, but it wasn't a perfect place for him. Especially, when he was hating his hister, who apparently loved living in there. Varien wanted adventures, new eperiences, not a boring life in luxury. As a young colt, he left to Manehattan, for new experiences.

Varien was always causing some trouble. But it was nothing, comparing to what he did in Manehattan, few weeks before his arrival in Ponyville. He worked in local newspaper as freelancer, trying to get his perfect scoop, so he could finally get up on his hooves, being famous and rich. For months he was gathering embarassing informations about local DJ,mostly about romances with many mares. According to witnesses, DJ regularly was meeting some ladies, one by one, then after few hours they left in suspiciously good mood.
When Varien thought he was ready, he set up the trap. One of his friends tried to meet up with DJ, alone. But it didn't end like Varien wanted to. Iungn DJ's apartament they...talked. It was very friendly and pleasant conversation, but that was it. When Varien and other reporters busted in, they already lost.
After caussing some embarasment, Varien couldn't work here anymore. Especially when he caused much more gossips about DJ then before, so he couldn't be around at least for a while. So he decided to move to small town, trying to forget about his failure.

Mimic the lyrebird

Few days after getting cutie mark by Varien, his uncle gave to him most precious gift he could wish for. A young, but still quite large bird, looking proud and beatiful with his wonderful tail and pose. But his appearance wasn't even half amazing, like his voice. He can mimic almost every sound, mostly from other bird, but also from some object, like saw. Varien named him Mimic, because of his skills.
Mimic is still pretty wild though. There are hours or even days, when he's just leaving to forest, lake, or anywhere outside the city. But also he tries to be with Varien, when he needs company.

[b]Gumption: 2 - Varien obviously isn't too tough.

Quickness: 3 - he's not too fast, but he had few physical trainings.

Excitement: 3 - oh yes, when near the scoop, he's getting pretty excited about it.

Smartness: 3 - he was reading many books, but mostly fiction ones.

Caring: 2 - he care mostly about himself and his closest friends, if any.


Cutie mark: Eye which can perceive ponies and object. +2 to smartness, why rolling during finding clues, or trying to perceive lie, or if somepony is simply hiding something.


Telekinetic: Quite easy, basic spell which unicorn can use, levitating the objects. Varien is mostly using it to write with quill on parchment.

Silence: Spell which can decrease sound making by objects or certain parts of body, like hooves.