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Species: Pegasus

This OC has been adopted from Skyblaze's Characters Open for Adoption forum thread.

Midwatch might be seen as a bit odd or suspicious, spending all her time awake during the night and only the night, and she does little to change that opinion of her. She tends to be blunt, reserved, and a bit abrasive too.
Despite her off-putting personality, Midwatch is brave, stalwart, and protective of her friends.
Thanks to her love of the night, Midnight has developed keen night vision, and seems to be capable of standing still, eyes wide and unblinking for hours on end. One might notice her larger than normal wings, are clearly very strong, not unlike the rest of her physique.
On her neck band, a scuffed badge is pinned, indicating her a Captain of Town Watch.
She's also the Scout leader for the school in Ponyville. Chances are if your foal character attends, she'd know them. She's not very good with kids.

Mannerisms, and voice
Midwatch tends to have common facial expression of disinterest, with a tone of voice, giving the same impression. A very no-nonsense kind of mare.

Ponies and Puzzles Sheet (Because mandatory)
Type: Pegasus Pony
Cutie-Mark: Watch at 12:00 (Quickness)

Gumption: [4]HP:[5]
Quickness: [4]MP:[4]
Smartness: [2]SP:[5]
Excitement: [2]
Caring: [1]
Friendship: [1]

Image Credit: Jordan Peacock (http://greywolf.critter.net)