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Species: Gijinka Angel
After passing through a dimensional rift of sorts, whoever it is that she may be, or may have been, she's completely and utterly lost her memories. She only remembers one thing: Her name. Almost everything else about her, and her past, is completely and utterly shrouded in amnesia. Nonetheless, traces of her old personality still remain... or one should at least say that she still certainly has a personality. Perhaps she'll learn a thing or two about friendship while she's here... or not. That's really up for everypony else to decide...

Update: She remembers who she is. She doesn't like it. She's afraid of what being here might cause.

Update Two: Twilight has returned her to her original form. There's still some kind of magical seal on her though. She retains her cutie mark on the outside of each thigh, and thinks of them as tattoos.

Update Three:Twilight has returned her to Pony form at her request. She's got a gut feeling she won't be around too much longer.

Puzzles and Ponies Character Sheet:

Panty Anarchy
An earth pony from another world and without memories. While she's fully matured and certainly no filly, she's still got no cutie mark and she has a hard time blending into Ponyville at times because of her slightly odd nature.

Gumption: 3 - She has slightly above average strength, and she tends to keep herself in good shape.
Quickness: 4 - She's quite athletic and quick, surprisingly so for most earth ponies.
Excitement: 3 - She will do almost anything she can in the pursuit of enjoying herself. She's still capable of being quite lazy.
Smartness: 2 - She thinks a little bit on things, but often reacts on gut instinct more than bothering to think too much.
Caring: 1 - She's usually quite apathetic, often putting her own needs and desires before others, with few exceptions.
Friendship: 1 - She's new not just to town, but to being a Pony in general. Due to such, her social skills tend to be lacking, but that may improve someday.

Cutie Mark: Her Cutie mark has been revealed: A Light blue and white gun with a halo over it, and wings sprouting from the sides. She gains +1 rolls to skills related to Ghost Hunting, particularly markswomanship.