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Name: Seabreeze
Species: Unicorn of mixed parentage

Gumption: 1 - Seabreeze is physicaly weak and gets worn out easily
Quickness: 2 - She is not fast, but she is nimble, whether on the dance floor or a surfboard
Excitement: 3 - She always gives everything 110%, whether or not she can keep it up
Smartness: 4 - She knows quite a lot about physics and magical force application
Caring: 3 - She hates seeing anypony being down in the dumps
Friendship: 1 -
Cutie Mark: Telekinesis - All unicorns are telekinetic, but Seabreeze takes it up to 11, at the cost of not knowing many other spells. She can use SP to power her TK.

(( To those whom it concerns, Seabreeze's time in Ponyville has undergone a retcon. She was never married and does not know Scraggly ))

Having won the Trottingham Extreme Telekinesis competition, Seabreeze decided to use the prize money to move to Ponyville.

She lives in KiteCres's gihugic tower with her daughter CascadeSpirit and their pet wolf Kage. She works for Kite as overall cleaning and maintenance pony.

Mirra_Annon gave her a bracelet of a special lightweight metal to help remind her that her friends are always with her.

Has given rad shades to:
Apple_Bumpkin, ClumsyWaffle, Harmony, Inkdrop, InkyMarks, Inque, Kelpy_Blue, KiteCres, Jester, Moon_Star, OrionShadow, Prickly_Pear, RavenShadow, Scraggly, Shaze, Skyblaze, TGAPTrixie, Thunderball

Adagia, Agile_Flourish, Andromeda, Apple_Bumpkin, ArcaneScholar, Chelly, Cocoa, CrystalBrookes, Curly_Fry, Dan_Cobalt, Derpy_Hooves, Enigma, Fairy_Dust, Felicity, Firebolt, Greasehoof, Greg, Harlequin, Harmony, Hemlock, Inkwell, Iona, John_Morris, KindShadow, KiteCres, Kyubi_Hart, Lemon_Drop, Lucian, Marl, Mayday, MelodyShadow, Milagra_Lilac, Mirra_Annon, MojitoJoe, Obsidian, OrionShadow, Panty, PlatinumSpark, Radec, RavenShadow, Ryu_Sword, SafeSummers, Sandy_Rivers, Scarlet, Scope, Shadow_Feather, Shaze, Sketches, SkyBlaze, SmokyBlues, Sonic_Blitz, Starfire, Sunset_Skye, Thistledown, Tom, Zane

Seabreeze's mother, Cirrus Blitz (a pegasus), and father, Rain Cloud (a unicorn who knows the cloudwalking spell), met when Rain Cloud took over the position of weather manager of Trottongham.

The little bundle of energy got into many misadventures with a young Orion Shadow, even earning her cutie mark when she saved him from a falling boulder! Also among these tales is The Summer of Jellyfish. Don't ask.

Seabreeze spent the next few years honing her talent with telekinesis until she was old enough to enter the local Extreme Telekinesis Challenge.

Tropes that fit Seabreeze
Mama Bear - You do NOT threaten CascadeSpirit or her friends!
Purple Eyes
White Haired Pretty Girl
Surfer Dude - even if she's a mare.
Cool Shades - She gives these to her best friends.
Mind Over Matter - Telekinesis is her specialty.
(( If you think of any more, let me know ))

Birthday - Feb 8

Fancy Outfit- An ocean-blue dress slightly drags the ground, flowing up to her shoulders where it wraps around in a silver fluff. It almost looks like she's stepping out of a wave. Silver horseshoes trail into laces that wrap around her lower legs.

Nightmare Night costume- She's dressed like Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Ridiculously large (prop) rifle included.

Second pic by the awesome Sali