52nd and Mane



Owner: MojitoJoe

Location: In the Town Square on Mane Street

Room: The Hub

Managers: Iona (Front end staff and servers) Jester (Bottleing and distrubtion) Showtime (Assistant Manager to Jester)

Other Staff: Zane (Head Bartender) Octavia (Waitress Suspended until further notice) Fyrelight (Executive Chef) CraigTheDoorPony (Doorpony, bouncer and an in house Mr.Fixit)

Hours of Operation: Opens daily at 8:00AM EST to 2:00 AM EST. Kitchen closes every day at midnight.

Description: Found on Mane Street in a former empty lot this three story building is now the home base for MojitioJoe’s Soda & Beverages Limited. However for the majority of the public this building serves as a new high end, fancy, but very affordable restaurant experience.

The building and restaurant is called 52nd & Mane. The name is to represent both the famous strip of road in downtown Manehatten and Mane street, the road that this building is situated on. The main room is a large lavish space decorated with white and black painted walls, silver and black marble counter tops, and maroon draperies, lamp shades, and seat cushions. On the walls are many poster sized black and white pictures of famous landmarks of Manehatten including Rockefilly plaza, Canter Park, Barnway, The Empire Stable, and various others. There are also pictures of very personal and beautiful spaces found around Ponyville, it’s as if Joe is trying to marry the two cities using pictures under this one roof. As for the lounge area there are many available seating spaces including tables for up to six ponies, booth spaces along the walls that can sit four comfortably and of course a long bar against the far wall of this open space.

At the entrace of the Resturant you will likely be visited by Craig_The_Doorpony. An excellent and well dressed gentlecolt who will let you inside. At the hostest desk Iona the front end manager or a dedicated employee will be happy to take to you your seats. Inside the restaurant, near the front door, is a sign that reads. "Please wait to be seated by an employee." If you so happen to just want to waltz to the bar just let the hostesst know and Zane and our team of bartenders will take care of your beverage needs.

The bar usually has three to five ponies who serve all kinds of wonderful beverage choices, including MojitoJoe brand sodas on tap, specialty house soda drinks, floats, lemonade, ciders, teas (hot/cold) and exclusively sold by the bottle Sweet Apple Sparkle, a sparkling cider fit for the princesses. In the back of this lounge space is a small but well designed kitchen, here a small team of chefs prepare quick and tasty meals specializing in grilled and deli meals including The Reuben Garden Sandwich, Roasted Colty Island Hot Peppers, Baked Macaroni Spinach and Cheese, and for desert and coming straight from Manehatten herself, Manehatten style cheesecake.

There are three floors to the building. The first two floors make up the resturant area. The ground floor has a long bar that hosts up to five bartenders a time and there are many tables and a long row of booths for others to sit and enjoy their meals. Near the back of the room is a small stage with a baby grand piano and a kareoke machine. Up a flight of stairs (or an elevator as also had been installed) you will find yourselves in a luxurious space. The second floor has a larger dance floor then the floor below, a full band music stage, and for being about half the size of the room below you can still look over the balcony to see the first floor below which makes our entire dining area a large and dynamic open space! The third floor is for employees only and it’s where Joe takes care of managing the business, storage space and a small “home away from home” bed room for himself or a guest in need of it. In the basement level, Joe with now a small team of hired ponies uses this space to make, bottle and package many volumes of his delicious sodas to sell to markets across town and now slowly to other cities nearby in fact residents of neighboring Cloudsdale and now Manehatten themselves having Joe’s growing in popularity drink at their own restaurants and other businesses. So pull up a cushioned seat, sit back relax and enjoy a taste of Manehatten in the townsquare of Ponyville.

A picture of the main floor for the Resturant (Credit goes to Iona thanks for all the help!)

Time announced to Roleplay: 2011-07-09