52nd and Mane Is Open for Business!


Thank you everypony for your time and patience. And a special thanks goes to all the ponies who had lend of hoof to the repairs and the clean up effort during this week. Starting today (8/26/2011) 52nd and Mane is hereby reopened to the public. So to celebrate our reopening all drinks and selected dinner specials are at half price! Also we have some special new features for the restaurant after taking some suggestions from our patrons

  • The bar has been updated so that it can seat more ponies at a time AND a dairy bar featuring Icecream bought exclusively from SleepyMix’s Icecream Supply.
  • A new dance floor has been installed for the patrons to shake their flanks on and enjoy every Saturday night live music.
  • Wednesdays are Karaoke nights. Come by and sing your heart out to your favorite songs.
  • Starting next week and every week there after there will be a special dessert feature on our menu made exclusively from Sugar Cube Corner and will be served in the restaurant while supplies last.

So come by and enjoy the taste of the Big City and let the good times roll.