Birthday Time, Invites and such

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Sun, 2012-07-15 22:00 - Mon, 2012-07-16 00:45

START TIME IS 22:00 server time  or 7:00 PM  PST TIME THANK YOU

icon.1027 "Umm  I know I'm I'm   Umm well K-kinda n-nervious  So I'm  Invighting my Friedns to  M-My Birthday, it's the 15th of this month.. It S-sould be outs-side b-my Night Side...

Ponies invited; Socks, MoonStar Iona,Mayday,Kite,Apple Bumpkin, MacabreHaze, Sapphire Star, Rarity, Shine, Scope, CrystalBrooks, SourFluff, MissWishes, PinkePie, Umm anypony t-that w-wants to come really but I really would like to see thosep-ponies th-there."