Bulletin Board: Yellow Colored Flier

A plainly typed but obnoxiously hazard-yellow colored flier tacked to the Bulletin Board near Town Hall:

ATTENTION: Citizens of Ponyville

If you or anypony you know has first hand knowledge of the events that transpired last month in relation to the Vinmart establishment and the theft and vandilization of the Moon, please contact the Royal Equestrian Military representative, Spitfire, currently staying at the Ponyville Inn as soon as possible.

If you have not already presented what you know to the local authorities, your information could be valuable to an ongoing inquest into the innocence or guilt of those accused of perpetrating the event!  Don't stay silent!

Any and all contributions, concerns or testimony must be presented before Sunday, September 2nd at 12 AM!  Anything presented after that cannot and will not be verified!