Cave Exploration Gone Wrong?

So in our last cave exploration Lotta and I found in a small cave some gems and a small piece of wood. I kept the gems (I made a beautiful necklace for Lotta out of it! I remember the moment she accepted....), and we took the piece of wood to Twilight Sparkle. She suggested that we check the same place again.


Whe then did that and came back to the same place, only this time we ventured further! And, well there was this water source. We thought it was magical, and I confirmed that by jumping in it and magical sparkles jumping all over my body. Lotta and Twilight Sparkle followed and we were all 3 in the water, which was actually multicolored because of the many Diamonds around it! But then suddenly I felt really heavy and fell asleep! Lotta got kind of scared I think, instantly pulling me out of the water. Happily I didn't breathe any of the water. She then insisted that she would bring me back to the surface and took me on her back. I pressed myself against her not wanting to fall down as she ran back to the surface. I felt already better after that! Anyway, we agreed that we keep this place secret as it is ours, and because it might be dangerous.