Chapter 1: This is going to be one LONG chapter

         And so begins the first chapter of this eccentric stallion... Ok... There I go again talking in third pony. I really have to stop doing that. Well at least nopony else is around, thinking I'm crazy. ~the stallion with a double coat, one a red jacket and the other his fur a hue the color of dirt and dust, trotted slowly with his giant crimson wagon which held his most prized possessions: a plethora of many different kinds of knick-knacks, paddy-whacks, and even, if one would look hard enough, some tic-tacs. His tail wagged with the motions of the winds, a calm breeze that faired well with his current mindset. A pony on a voyage for a quiet town of which he could settle; somewhere peaceful, yet exciting enough to where watching a snail crawling wasn't a historical pastetime... Believe him. He's seen it. Snailston they called it. As he traveled further down the gravel path, the sun's rays gleamed over the ark of the hill. Which after a few more minutes of the small trek up the miniature mountain, he saw a wooden sign that looked quite quaint, yet had a kind of... homely feel to it~ Ponyville...? ~he spoke out to himself, both out of surprise of the sign, and how simple the name of the town was. "Po-ny-ville..." He thought to himself as he traveled on further; trying to think if whether or not the name was some sort of cleverly disguised joke or a play on words. Similar to the claimed "Greenland" or even better, the happily named town of Getemsburg... Because walking into a town pulling a wagon filled with trinkets makes a community of thugs VERY grabby and yell, "GET EM!"~ Just a few more steps till I make it to this town. ~his stomach rumbling from the lack of food he had to ration off~ Then I can finally fill my belly to get around. ~a glistening red dot from the paint to any on-lookers that happened to be... well looking~