Chat features

Table of Contents:

  1. Chat Interface
  2. Chat Commands
  3. Chat FAQ

Chat Interface:


  • Rules - A direct link to the rules page.
  • Logs - The log viewer allows you to veiw your own private whisper logs, group logs, as well as logs in any of the public chat rooms.
  • Find - Here you can search for characters and read information about them. Type in a name or use a wildcard * , for example:. 'in*', it shows all character that start with 'in', p.e. inge, ingrid, ingeborg etc. If you want a full list of every character arranged by date of their creation. Just type in * and press enter.
  • PUB - This allows you to send messages to other characters/users. You can leave messages for characters even when they are offline. They will be able to read the PUB, the next time they log in.
  • PUB stands for Pony User Board.
  • (Do not worry about the AP button. It is normal that you do not have this.)


  • Status - Here you can set your status to let others know if you are Away, In Character, Looking for RP, etc. The status will appear as an icon next to your name in the user list.
  • Room - Use this to change which room you are in. The numbers next to each room are to show how many characters are in that room.
  • Character Name - Where it says Shinula is where your character name will go. Use this drop down menu to edit your character's profile, and also your user settings for that character. From here you can also edit your summary and log out.
    • My Summary - This allows you to set a brief message that will appear on the full user list for all rooms.


  • The pinned tab simply displays what room you are currently in.
  • Other tabs will appear if you turn whispers and group chats into hover boxes.
  • To create a hover box, right click the name of a group or character you are having a private conversation with and choose Open Hoverbox.
  • Tabs will change slightly if there is unread messages. Click on tabs to minimize/maximise. You can also close by clicking the X.


  • Group button.
  • Allows the creation of groups for private conversation between multiple characters.
  • Also shows all current groups you are in.


  • User list. This will display the current room as well as all characters in the room, and their status.
  • Click on a name on the user list to send private message to that user.
  • Click on the "?" on the user list to see their character profile.
  • Hovering your cursor over a name will bring up more icons.
    • Click on "speaker icon" beside the user name will put that user on ignore. Click it again to stop ignoring.
    • Click on the arrow ► in front of the user name will put that user on highlight, where a sound will play when that person posts a message. Click the arrow again to cancel highlighting the user's message.
  • Partially typing a name and then pressing Tab on your keyboard will autocomplete to a name on the userlist if possible.


  • Input field. Used for typing and posting messages.
  • The name on the left will be the name of your current character. It may also change to the name of a character if you are whispering to them. You can click on their name at this location to cancel/clear the whisper.
  • The A button is for switching your eyecon and text colour between the presets you have chosen in your character profile settings.
  • The pause icon will stop the chat from automatically scrolling when new messages are posted.
  • Send button sends the message you have typed. Pressing Enter on your keyboard also sends.

Chat Commands:

Inline commands:

  • /me at the very beginning of the input box will turn that message into an action. ie: "/me picks up a rock". Becomes "Celestia sips her tea."
  •   does the same thing. "/me's" and ":'s" works as well for adding 's behind your name in the action post. e.g "Celestia's hair flows in the wind."
  • // at the beginning of the room will automatically turn the message into an Out of Character expression by adding parenthesis around the message.e.g.: "//Hi Everyone!" becomes "(( Hi Everyone! ))"
  • !#d# is the comment for dice rolling. For example, !3d6 would be to roll three six sided dices. It can be any where in the message. Each message, however, can only have one dice command. Dice are limited to at most 9 at a time, and at most 256 sides. There is no +/- modifier support at the moment.
  • /look <charactername> will open up a new window to show you that person's profile. e.g. "/look celestia"
  • /msg <charactername> <message> send the messages to charatername as a whisper. e.g. "/msg celestia What is up my Princess?"

Text formatting:

  • [i]exampleword[/i] for italics. You can also press ctrl+i on your keyboard while inputting text for automatic tags.
  • [b]exampleword[/b]for bold. You can also press ctrl+b on your keyboard while inputting text for automatic tags.
  • [u]exampleword[/u] for underline. You can also press ctrl+u on your keyboard while inputting text for automatic tags.
  • [s]exampleword[/s] for spoilers. All text inside the tags will be hidden until highlighted. You CANNOT press ctrl+s for spoilers.


  • Type the first one or more letters of the name of a character currently in the same room and then press the Tab key will automatically complete the name, if there are more then one name matching the letter(s) entered, press tab again will rotate to the next one.
  • Entering a url like "" will show as a clickable link.
  • Entering a url from youtube will automatically inserts the title of the video in the chat.
  • Right clicking a name will open upon a context menu with various options for quick access. Includes: Open Profile, Open Hoverbox, Invite to Group Chat, Send PUB

Chat FAQ:

Q: My profile image is not updating after I upload a new one!
A: Try clear cache or use Ctrl-F5 to refresh the profile.

Q: How do I make new character?
A: Exactly how you make the first one! Just click on "create new character" again.

Q: I keep getting log out randomly / I can not receive whisper!
A: It can due to various reasons...

  • If you are on mobile device - This chat does not actually support those, but any stand by, changing IP, etc, can cause your character to get logged off
  • If you are having log off problem after getting a whisper, check your flash installation or firewall / anti-virus. Flashblock or ad block or improper installation of flash can causes problem with whisper and causes log out. Try disable those add ons to help investigation.

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