The City of Mane, Historical Preservation Committe 1

Found on Greenling's kitchen table, in the ame folder as her advertistment ideas and saved articles. It is a clipping about the city of Mane, Greenling's hometown. It appears to have tear marks scattered over the paper.




'Recent looks into ancient record of Mane reveal that our "mascot", Delicate Delight, is based largely on the first pony to settle her family in the area that would one day become out beloved city.

Our founding mother was supposedly named Darkest Dahlia, most likely in reference to her dark purple coat. She was the mother and lone provider for a family of eight foals of various genders and breeds, all adopted from the remnants of failed towns after their familes abandoned them. This act of selfless kindess inspired the ponies in her group to work hard and create a settlement where the adopted children could lead happy and successful lives. From journal entries found along with the records, Darkest Dahlia was a slender, sleek mare who towered over her fellow settlers.

These similarities to Mane's beloved long-time Mayor Sweetline have not been overlooked, and the pristine Pegasus has been on record stating that she "Truly believes that she continues to... keep Darkest Dahlia's efforts alive and well."'