Clover Hills Apiary

Location: The rolling hills and farmlands south of Ponyville
Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields
Residents and/or Employees: Honeybun, Grape Jelly


The Clover Hills Apiary is a small-time beekeeping and honey-producing operation. Operated by the Honey Family, Clover Hills provides honey, honey products, beeswax for candles and scroll seals, and pollination services for the many farms and orchards in the Ponyville area.


Exterior Description
The apiary itself is a large open field covered in clover. Bees are here in abundance, but they are well-mannered and don't bother ponies that want to come to the fields to play. The Honey Family doesn't mind grazing, as long as it's done in moderation to keep enough clover in the fields to keep the bees happy. Happy bees are productive bees!


Apiary Offices
The Clover Hills Apiary office is shaped like an old-fashioned beehive attached to a side structure built in the typical Ponyville wattle-and-daub style. The Honey Family lives in the upper portion of the 'beehive.' To the rear of the structure are the hives themselves, a short walk away in a small glade of trees. The hives are state of the art box hives which allow the beekeepers to remove the honey without disturbing the bees. The production barn is located nearby, containing the subterfuge to spin the honey out of the hives, strain, and package it into jars.


The Honey Stand

The Clover Hills Apiary also owns and operates a honey stand in the Ponyville Farmer's Market, located in the Hub. You can find it right across from the Ice Cream Store. Come on by for some of the finest honey in Equestria!


The Honey Stand























Announced in chat: 07/06/11