Compendium Ink

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon
Owner: Claudio Compendium
Residents and/or Employees: Claudio Compendium
Location: Down the street from Twilight's Library
Room: Twilight's Library Surroundings

Compendium Ink is an all-white stone building that appears to be in the shape of a giant inkwell. The rear of the building has what looks like a more or less a box-shaped structure attached to the back of the 'well's bowl'. The only window in the building is the sunroof where the 'cap' of the 'well' should be.

Main Store Area:
This is a wide-open, circular area with a wooden floor. The curved walls of the room are lined with shelves of ink blocks, ink stones, and full inkwells. Near the back of the circular room is the sales counter where business can be conducted. The counter itself is a glass case display that has the more rare and expensive kinds of inks within.

Living Space:
Claudio also lives here. It's a very modest accomodation that includes a bed, a desk where he writes/works, and a small kitchenette area with a fridge. Also there is a bathroom walled-off within the living space.

A bland side-room attached to the building. Within are just more shelves of ink for when the displays and stocks in the store need refilling.

The store is generally open in the afternoons and into the night from around 13:00 to 22:00 (Chat Time). These times are subject to lengthen or shorten depending on the day. Sometimes Claudio feels the need to close to take care of his own interests, but he tries to keep these closures from being inconvenient to prospective customers.