Cotton Candy Café




The Cotton Candy Café, particularly reknowned for its innovative caffeinated drinks, both hot and cold, created with secret family recipes carried down for generations in the Twist family. While the building has been recently remodeled, it still does its bet to seem traditional and comfortable to ponies around town.

The Cotton Candy Café was founded by Cinnamon Twist, father of Mocha Twist, due to his daughter's unexpected talent at coffee brewing. As a way to teach the young filly a lesson on hard work and embracing one's talent, she brought her over and started a new life when Ponyville was still young, by bringing up this small café. Eventually, Mocha Twist left it to her son, and moved to Hoofington to pursue interests of her own with her husband.



Owner: Shake

Employees: None at the moment!

Location: Town Square

Room: The Hub


The Building



The building's exterior isn't overall surprising, when compared to other buildings in the area. It's a small, two-story building, with a large crystal-windowed double door in front and wide pink windows extending at the  sides of the door, and continuing toward the back of the building. A large sign above the door carries the Café's logo, a multi-colored cotton candy. The second floor, serving mainly as a small apartment for Shake, is decorated with nothing more than a small balcony and two smaller windows. Several tables with umbrellas lay outside the doorway, awaiting ponies to take their seats, and a small chalkboard has been placed right next to the door, announcing the day's special.


Main Room

Inside the building, the room stands out due to its comfortable appeareance, trying its best to mimic a traditional living room with a wooden floor, ceiling, and a simple yet colorful wallpaper. several chairs, tables and couches are laid around the room, strategically placed to allow the waiters easy access to all the customers. To the right of the entrance, an elevated wooden platform holds a piano and a microphone, destined for any performances the location may want to hold on busy days. There's a reduced fireplace as well, at the opposite end of the room, surrounded by couches, cushions and a single coffee table. Every wall is lined with several pictures, taken by Shake's father during his travels, and put up by the young stallion. They depict different landscapes from all over Equestria, as well as natives of several cities with whom the pictures had been taken. A larger, more prominent wall decoration is located over the stone fireplace: A portrait depicting Cinnamon Twist, an elderly blue earth pony stallion with a prominent white beard and several medals, as well as a golden-colored plaque underneath, labeled Our Founder. Finally, a well taken care of counter rested opposite to the entryway: It held a register box, and several coffee brewing machines functioned right behind it, next to the kitchen entrance.



A much smaller room than the previous one, the kitchen holds the usual: A large refrigerator, a stove, several counters, an oven, and an entrance to the back room. This room was much less decorated, but still did its best to remind home to the ponies that would work there, thanks to the wallpaper and traditional squared flooring. A long table rested in the middle of the room, and a tiny window connected the kitchen with the counter area of the main room. Finally, in the corner of the room is a blackboard, where the daily count of supplies and ingredients are written, so as to moderate and handle inventory on a regular and effective basis.


Back Room

Accessible from either the kitchen or the main room itself, it's a small wooden room where all of the supplies are stored under a proper order, dictated by the board in the kitchen. The access through the Main Room requires a key, held only by Shake so far. Other than the supplies, the room holds a simple yet sturdy staircase that leads upwards, to the residential portion of the building. Such an access can, too, be found on the outside, behind the building, with a similar staircase. Both accesses can and will be locked.