Cuppa Café

The Cuppa Café is a charming, nondescript building on the outer edges of Ponyville as it disperses into Sweet Apple Acres.

It has a small, stone patio porch out front and rounded glass, patisseriê style windows. The door is a mocha brown color and jangles a small bell upon entering the café.

Once inside, you are usually greeted by the smell of fresh roast coffe and fudge, sometimes with caramel scents. The tan-and-chocolate brown checkerboard floor blends seamlessly to the beige walls and mahogany counter. The top of the counters are slab granite in a richly veined caramel color. A large display case separates an orderinf area from a pick-up countertop, displaying a freezer of homemade ice creams on bottom and on top a selection of doughnuts, morning cakes, fudge, and caramel.

A back kitchen area is separated from the customer area by swinging doors, but an area exists in customer's view so they can see the bread rising and the ingredients raw.

The rest of the main room that is not dedicated to countertop and employee area hosts about 25 two-pony tables. Frequently they are squashed together for four ponies or more. The walls of the café are adorned with old black-and-white sepia photographs of old Ponyville.


Ice Cream
Rocky Road- chocolate, brownie, and fudge crumbles in vanilla ice cream, with caramel and chocolate sauce stirred in.
Gardens Sorbet- Mango, orange, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and peach sorbet swirled together with fruit chunks.
Cake-Take- Cake batter flavored ice cream with sprinkles and an icing sauce stirred in.
Coco Bean- coffe flavored ice cream with candied pecans and a chocolate swirl.
Mint Chocolate- Mint ice cream with a chocolate sauce swirl.

Fudge and Caramel
White Fudge
Dark Fudge
Milk Fudge
Peanut butter fudge
Mint fudge
Coco Snow Swirl- White and dark fudge swirled.
Heartswarming- mint and milk fudge swirled with lellermint crumbles.

Other Treats
Various Doughnuts
Caramel Apples
Lb Cake
Lemon Cake

Owned and operated by Cuppa_Joe