DeWaltz Journal: Entry 1

    I've always considerred keeping one of these things. Now's as good a time to start as any. I've sequestered myself to Ponyville for some time now. A lot of weird things have happened since I first got here. I won't go into detail, though. Much of it is still a bit hazy to me. Funds have grown tight, but with any luck I'll find work soon. It shouldn't be all that hard, despite my leg. Just need to keep the positive attitude up.


    Still haven't bothered to get hold of my parents. I'm sure they don't mind. They're probably hanging with the rich crowd now. I wouldn't be surprised, anyway. I finally told somepony about them. Her name's Iona, if I remember correctly anyway. It was... interesting, revisiting that time in my life again, though I doubt I'll bother doing it anytime soon. Part of me does miss them, though. I'm not entirely sure why... Oh well, I'm sure the feeling will pass.