Ebacolts Dreamscape -Location for Dream Wing drinkers under it's full influence.

Ebacolt silently grins, surrounded in a blue white light as he stares at the ponies who have found their way into him.  He slowly spins his top hat which changes into a giant tent.  He moves into the entrance silently as he looks back, "Turn back now before things get worse.  Turn back now before you find a dream you do not like." he grins slowly.

The tent within for those that stay holds the life of performer ponies.  Flames dancing by a massive bonfire.  Changing it seems unable right now.  A hard clang tells that they are unable to get near the fire.  No hose and blast of water will reach it.  It consumes furiously and yet is fed from below.

One chasing after Ebacolt would find a train that they're on.

It seems that some terrible crime has taken place, and Ebacolt..needs you to prove his innocence!

In doing so however, the train would end at the station in Manehatten where he would vanish in the crowd.

Finding him in the city is difficult, but it will be worth it.

This is the final stage, what happens here is up to those who follow.