The Enchanted Emporium

Owner: Conflux

Resedents and/or Emplyees: Conflux Novia_Wraith

Location: On the north side of the Resedential District

Room: Resedential Area

About The Enchanted Emporium 

The enchanted emporium is a shop owned by Conflux that sells enchanted items that are mostly made by Conflux himself. Most of the items in the shop are purely decorative, and don't do anything in particular besides look nice, however the shop does sell some certain magical items that do have usfull or just fun functions. To see more information on my polocy on magic items check the bottom of Conflux's profile.

Exterior Description: The enchanted armory is a fairly normal looking building from the outside. It has the same yellow thatched roof, and the same basic exterior walling as most of the other buildings in the town. The only thing that really sets it apart is the quite obvious bright red sign with blue lettering that reads "The Enchanted Emporium" hanging above the door, and the large glass display window to the left of the entryway. Through the window you can usually see an assortment of trinkets, jewelry, and random items that don't really seem to fit together with the rest of the items at first glance. Conflux keeps an Open/Closed sign in the display window showing when the shop is open or closed.

Sales Floor Descritption: The sales floor is usually kept very tidy with a large counter in the corner of the room, and display cases, and shelves around the edge of the room. The display cases are covered in items neatly set up for display, and in the middle of the room there are usually a few larger items on stands, or if they are large enough, just sitting on the floor. The counter usually has a few glass jars of small toys, and trinkets on it, and the whole room is very well kept up.

Living Room Description: The living room is decorated in mostly red, white, and gold, with a large couch in the middle of the room against the far wall, a chair in the corner opposite the couch, and a black coffee table with a glass center in the middle. There is a gold, and red decorative carpet in the middle of the floor, and a shelf along the wall by the side of the couch, that has some trinkets on it including a small music box. The opposite wall has a large painting of a ship that moves a bit, and will sometimes change under certain weather, which he purchased at The_Night_Side. Off to the right side of the room, there is a small hal heading off to the spare bedroom, and the batheroom, and the back left corner leads to the staircase.

Storage Room Description: The storage is a simple small room with storage cabinets, and boxes usually around the edges. This is where Conflux keeps enchanting supplies, and extra items to stock his shop with.

Main Floor Bathroom: This room is a a pretty basic undacorated bathroom. Most of the room is white, or cream in color, and it has the basic things that go in a bathroom. The only thing to note is that it has a tub that doubles as a shower.

Spare Bedroom: A very basic room with a bookshelf, dresser, end table with a lamp, and a bed. This room is fairly unremarkable. Novia_Wraith is currently staying in this room, and may have added some of her own decorating touches.

Study Description: The study is a large square room with a wooden floor, a desk, and bookshelves around the edge. The bookshelves are covered in mostly books, but some of them also have a few jars, and some trinkets including a crystal ball. The walls also have a few decorations hanging on them. The corner by the desk has the staircase heading up, and there is a set of double doors leading to the kitchen.

Kitchen/Dining Room:The kitchen doubles as the dining room, and has a small circular table on one side of the room, while the rest of the room is large counters with a sink, and a stovetop. There are a few starage cabinets around the room, but it is nothing too fancy.

Master Bedroom, and Bath: The master bedroom is a fair size room decorated simply. The room is for the most part colored blue, and black, with a large blue bed near the center of the wall with windows that look out into the streets, and a large black armoire in the corner, as well as a night stand, and a few odds and ends lying around usually. The baster bathroom is much more decorative than the one downstairs and has a very large corner tub.