Field Report 158

To: Dr. Cobblestone
Salt Lick City, Equestria


It's your faithful little Sapphire writing to you, this time from a place called Ponyville. I hope you've been following my travels up to this point, because between here and Canterlot there's not much in the way of reliable post.

I gave the last batch of letters to a traveling salesman who sold me some Ona Juice (don't worry, I checked it), and marked them with the eye so everything should be fine.

Where to begin? Let me say firstly that it's the most exciting place I've ever been! My first day here I found a huge infestation of Trocha Fairies in the library and a lake full of transforming Ploppies (I managed to catch some of the latter, but they won't change back from water beetles. I've tried everything I can think of so if you have any suggestions, let me know). Thunderball says they're n

I've also met some wonderful ponies here, many of whom seem to be very open-minded. I suppose that comes from living in such close proximity to all of these amazing creatures, but there's all sorts of other weirdness going on here so who knows really?

As far as what I've collected for you, I have some new samples that are going to astonish you, I'm sure! First off, a jar of darkness. At least, that's what the creature I got it from (a -something- called WickedWishes) claims that it is. Be careful not to get any on you, it's dangerous! I've also included a sheet of notes that a local doctor friend of mine named Shinula did on the stuff. I can't read her writing though, and there's no books in town to translate. I hope you have better luck than I did.

The jar full of slime is supposed to be a dragon, I guess. A couple ponies told me there was a dragon in town, so of course I went to investigate. When I got to the end of the trail, I found a small pony who's name I forget. Moon something -I'll have to check my notes when they dry out. Anyway, it was coming out of him and talking and breaking things, so I hid and scooped a little off it's back. I was surprised it didn't notice, I assumed of course that it would be able to sense a piece of itself missing, but apparently not. I of course haven't tried any experiments to try and get a response though, you're the doctor not me.

That's about all I g No wait, there is one other thing. I probably should have put this first, but you always said my priorities were out of order. I saw Nightmare Moon the other night, over Everfree forest. I got to talk with her a little, and she seems pretty upset. I bought a Fruit Bat in Canterlot that I think might make her a little less 'I'm-going-to-destroy-you-all-ish' but I need to find a crown for it first. Anyway, please be on your guard especially at night.

And that really is all. I'll write to you again as soon as I have some time. I've been a little behind on my business here, I've run two shows so far, but nopony came. Perhaps more advertising is in order.

Again, please stay safe and enjoy the samples.

Sapphire Night