First journal of Obsidian

I don't know why I'm doing this, but here goes.

I finally got help from KiteCres to drive the dogs out of my family's mines, along with some repellant from Shinula. But when we got there, we were met by the leader of the dogs, Alpha_Bowie. I was prepared to fight, but KiteCres kept me from doing something stupid. Alpha_Bowie asked us what we were doing in HIS mine, and showed us a ridiculous forgery. KiteCres was able to deduce that Octavia gave the dogs that piece of paper in exchange for digging a series of tunnels under Ponyville. Why would she need tunnels?

At this point, I kind of lost my temper a bit. I demanded to know what they did with my parents when they invaded 15 years ago. Then, he started laughing his tail off. He explained that none of the dogs were even alive 15 years ago. Except for one named "Peppers." Alpha_Bowie went off to ask Peppers about them. When he returned, he told me that they had escaped! They might be out there somewhere!

Back to the story now. At this point I realized that the dogs who had invaded and driven me out, were long gone. Instead, I had been doing to the dogs what their ancestors did to me. I felt so ashamed of myself. I couldn't force them out now. KiteCres snapped me out of it by convincing Alpha_Bowie that I was the rightful owner of the mine. It was then that I had a great idea! I offered to let the dogs work off their "back rent" by working for me. Alpha_Bowie asked about 401K, paid sick days, and child care services on the work site.

Having no idea what those terms meant, I agreed. Now that I've looked them up, they seem harmless enough. I hope wherever my parents are, that they're proud: I'll be turning the mines into a real operation! Some day, my name will be associated with the finest jewels in the world!

I guess I'm done for now. How are you supposed to end these things? And why am I still writing? Whatever, this is the last sentence for now.