Flutter Pony

Flutter ponies are a race of ponies found only in a small pocket of the Everfree Forest known as Flutter Valley. They have an extremly isolationist culture and do not regularly either visit the outside world or permit the outside world to visit them (with a few exceptions). For this reason they are relatively rare to find throughout Equestria.


Flutter ponies are smaller than your average ponies, with an average adult being roughly the size of a young teenager elsewhere in Equestria. They are also much lighter, wieghing only a few pounds each, and have a lovely aroma. Their most notable feature, however, is their wings. Flutter ponies have beautiful iradescent, insectiod wings, like those of a fairy. They use these wings as their main form of transportation, not regularly using their legs for motion. They do molt their wings once a month, but most Flutter Ponies will choose just not to move during that time instead of walking.


Flutter ponies are very social, and love playing and laughing with others of their kind. Their culture leaves them both unwilling and unable to deal with other ponies, though, as they view them as either socially below them or terrifying. Because of this it has not been unheard of for flutter ponies to physically chase visitors from their valley, or at least make it clear that they aren't welcome there. Only the rare visitor with a skill for sucking up is ever granted a visit, though even that is probably conditional at best.


Their kind has a strong belief in strength in numbers, mostly due to the fact that in a large group flutter ponies are able to perform "Utter Flutter", a move where their wings produce a strong, magical wind. Single flutter ponies are also able to perform this move, but it has little effect with just one pony doing it. This appears to be the limits of the usefulness of flutter ponies in battle, though. Their size and limited physical strength leave them pretty weak.


Flutter ponies seem to care enough about other flutter ponies that if one is lost they will send someone out to find them.


They are sun worshippers, and naturally hold Celestia in high regard- making her the one outsider to have that status in Flutter Valley. They are not big fans of Luna, however- because of how low-tech flutter ponies are they have no artificial lighting and thus get up at sunrise and go to sleep at sunset.



Flutters currently outside Flutter Valley: Ixia, Dandelion Dust, Rhododendron