Flutter Valley

Note: This is not a canon G4 location. It is however strongly based on G1 canon.


Owner: Ixia
Location: Somewhere inside the Everfree forest, possibly in the southeast?
Room: Other room


Description: Flutter Valley is the sole home of the Flutter Pony, a race of small, fairy like ponies with insectoid wings. It is a very isolated place, and it's residents like it that way.


It is only about six miles in diameter, surrounded on all sides by tall, forested mountains. The forests surrounding it are naturally very forboding, being part of the Everfree Forest, but the valley itself is actually very peaceful and despite it's presumably dangerous location monsters and the like very rarely wander in (possibly due to the Flutter Pony's "utter flutter").


The climate seems to be sub-tropic, with weather rarely (if ever) getting cold enough to frost over. Because of this flowers are able to bloom year round- and bloom they do. Nearly any imaginable flower can be found there- including some specific varieties that are only found there.


As far as housing and technology go Flutter Valley seems to be extremely low-tech. Their "buildings" are limited to small roofs designed to protect them from the rain, and most tasks are done by hoof with only a few basic tools (such as buckets) being used. Flutter Valley cuisine also reflects this, with their food consisting almost entirely of raw fruits, vegetables, and flowers (with some of their legendary Flutter Valley honey added from time to time).


The most interesting thing about Flutter Valley is probably the Sun Stone- a giant gem in the middle of town, enshrined on a large stage that represents just about the grandest of any flutter pony buildings. It is rumored to have magical properties and be in some way be connected to Princess Celestia (though in all honesty it is probably just a pretty rock, and flutter ponies do so like their pretty things...). Yeah. It's magical. Very magical. In fact, without it Flutter Valley isn't nearly such a paradise.


Flutter Valley operates under a form of tribal government, with one pony elected to lead the others. The current leader is Queen Rosedust.