Gallery Depot


Owner: -----
Location: Rather North of and a tad bit west of Las Pegasus
Room: Other Room
Other names Gallery City
A young moderately sized yet ever growing city. Famously known for the gallery like museum present and a super large tower. Its a major tourist attraction.
Overall it covers a large portion of land! But not JUST above ground there's rumors the city was built upon the ruins of another one but hey they are JUST rumors ! Anyone curious enough be prepared to explore the underground sewers then~
The city is spread out into sectors of North, East, South and West.
North- is where the main gallery is present and rather high quality due to the number of foreigners visiting it all year round.
East- along with the northside is rather high quality and where the large tower is present . It easily connects with the heart of the city.
West- is not as high in quality as the other sides. Its where the harbour is and provides numerous construction and industrialism . A lot of shifty things go on here so watch out!
South- is another major tourist attraction consisting of a large carnival as well as an amusement park. It provides a quick route to Las pegasus for the night life.
Central- Seperates each section of the city not nearly as high quality as the other tourist attractions but still looking good. The train station runs through the here.
The gallery reflects on Equestrian history as well as other countries. The most popular ones being of the elements of harmony , past heroes and other resolved events.
The large tower serves as a pseudo college and residence . The revenue produced from the gallery has lead to it being built. The tower is home to the apprentice/internship guild ...ponies,griffons looking for work opportunities or true callings come here to further their skills. Imagination and creativity is key here! Its can pass off as a college if you put it this way! ((WIP))