Game Corner

The Game Corner

Note this is a fan made location


Owners- ???- Co owners - Pallet, Heart Sparkler

Employees- Heart Sparkler, Beat, Busara, Sync

Location-Near Town Square

Room- HUB


Exterior Description

A large neon lighted banner reading Game Corner above the entrance. A sliding door with transparent double glazed walls .


Interior Description



There are rows of Arcade machines and a desk at the end of the room acting as a reception of sorts. There’s a separate row of  slot machines aka Coin dispensers for cashing in coins earned from playing Arcade machines.

Opposite the dispensers are sets of tabletop tables

There’s stairs leading to higher floors and a platform that goes down to the basement. They are to the right of the reception.

To the left is a Juice bar

The Floor includes other facilities such as restrooms and a spare and Empty room.



Is for reserved activities such as Card and game tournaments or just birthdays or weekly get to-gethers. There’s a few tables and chairs. The appearance is usually changing depending on what’s required. There are stairs leading higher






Storage section consists of spare tables and chairs. Recently purchased machines as well.