Gearheart Old group, Picture and RP help.

As some ponies have seen, I uploaded a picture of Gearheart's old traveling group, done by my sister. I love the picture but its a bit smaller then orignally planned, and my sister has other things to draw for other people. so if somepony could recreate the picture in anyway I would be grateful. 

Second thing i wanted was somponies to RP as two of Gearhearts travel friends. If you look at the picture I need somepony to RP as the orange haired pony with the monocle, and another as the red haired mare with the bunny. Now there is somthings you should know about these two, because they have preappointed personalitys and backgrounds. But first i must explain who is who. (The last two in the list will be the two Oc's up for grabs)

Gearheart_Goldmane - The green pony in the center, he traveled around Equestria with his younger sister, looking for work, He has helped each of these ponies in one way or another and has come to be close friends with them to the point that he treats them like family.

Rebell_Skyarmor - The tan pony above Gearheart. Gearhearts sister, her name used to be Rebell_Goldmane, but that was before she met and married her now husband ------. 

Tin_foil - they grey dog behind Gearheart. This wolf looking dog is Gearheart's pet, he found him as a pup and has developed a strong relationship with him.

Nick_Ty - The light blue pony with the snake tonuge Tie. The First pony Gearheart met and became friends with. They are best buddys.

*Autumn_Lite: age 13 Earth pony - The gray pony with the red hair below Gearheart. Nick's little sister, who decided to tag along with him when he went to go travel with gearheart. She has a little bunny that Nick made her. She is a bit hyper and scattered brained like her older brother. She still has yet to get her cutie mark

*Mad_Hat: age:? Earth pony - The black pony with the orange hair next to Gearheart. He is the mad hatter type of person, but mostly due to his split personalitys. At times one of his two personalitys will show: First one is a calm gentlemen type of pony, knows his manners and and is polite to everypony; Second one is a crazy type of pony, occasionally talking in random languages or no known language at all, A nice but odd pony.

If you would like to RP as Autumn_lite or Mad_Hat please send Gearheart a P.U.B. and i will decide from there.