Gladys' Redemption

Event Data: 
Wed, 2011-06-29 19:00 - 22:30

"I'm not sure how or why I deluded myself for so long. I tricked myself into believing that I wasn't hearing the voices, or realizing that my mind had been sliced into five parts. I didn't understand how deeply this corruption had embedded itself into my mind. When I stopped deluding myself, I believed that the source of the corruption came from somewhere else, and so did the voices.
"Now I have to accept that I was wrong. The voices come from me. I am the source of the voices, and I am the instrument of the evils I have done. I must now accept this fact, as well as accept responsibility for my actions.
"*I* was the one who attempted to trick Chell into dropping Inkwell down a very deep pit. *I* was the one who endangered Moon Star to see how Chell would react. *I* plotted against both Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia, even if I never acted on those plots. *I* endangered Chell in those tests.
"I am a danger to everypony around me, everything I care about...  I cannot go on this way.  Everypony, please stay away from me...
"...No. Somepony, please...come find me.
"Help me."
-End of Line-
EVENT DATE: Wednesday, June 29
LOCATION: "Other Room", in the chats
TIME: This is a tricky one for me. The life of a UPS driver is a frenetic one; I never know from one day to the next when I will be getting off work. Nevertheless, I am going to try to make 19:00 (that's 7PM for anypony who doesn't understand military time), as the ponies perceive time (EST).
RSVP: I have three requests. One, if you want to be involved, please PUB Chell from the character you plan to use, so I can try and plan out something for your character to do. Second, please RSVP with only characters that will add to the scene, not detract or distract from it.  Third, please, please, PLEASE only one character per player. My rp time tends to be somewhat limited, but Wednesdays are the most open day of the week for me; all the same, if players run multiple characters, it will slow down the rp process, as I have to tend to more characters. Thanks for your understanding in that. ^^