Glimmering Brides Bridal Shop

All over town are pink, lacey flyers with the words; 'Glimmering Brides Bridal Shop' in big purple font. Below it says; A new bridal shop is opening up in Ponyville! Here you will find amazing wedding outfits for the bride (and groom) as well as everything to make your big day special! Our finest selections of dresses, tuxedos, and even bouqets come at a reasonable price. Also, come visit us to talk to our professional Wedding Planner, Blaire Bokette! She'll make the big day, the best day ever!

( OOC: Glimmering Brides Bridal Shop is located in the Twilight Library & surroundings. It is owned and run by Glimmer. Please PUB either Glimmer/Blaire, or Bonnette for job positions, or if you want to rp there.)