Gravenstein Manor

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: The Countess Drucilla Carmilla Von Gravenstein

Residents: The Countess, Cousin Thatt, Lupus Gravenstein, Sway, Uncle Canker

Location: On the border of the Everfree Forest, a short walk from the Froggy Bottom Bog

Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields


Exterior Description:

A delapidated Victorian style mansion with an overgrown lawn surrounded by a wroght-iron fence. The gate hangs off one hinge and bangs loosely in the wind. The manor has a few broken windows and missing shutters. It's quaint, but the Gravensteins call it home. The manor house used to belong to a wealthy family in Ponyville, but when they moved away to Canterlot the old house fell into disrepair and was partially reclaimed by the Everfree Forest. When Countess Gravenstein was passing through town looking for a place to relocate the family, she fell in love with the house at first sight. She purchased it at once, and sent letters all over Equestria to gather the family once more.


Interior Description

The mansion that is now Gravenstein Manor was a lovely home in its heyday, and if you ask the Countess it's even more lovely now. It is draped in cobwebs and dust, and even the new furnishings the family brought in already seem to have a layer of silt on them. The house has a strange smell, mixing must and bizarre spices with the smell of extreme age. Doors often open by themselves, but it's hard to tell if it's just the wind or the house settling or something else entirely. Given the nature of the family, the latter is certainly a possibility.


Time announced to roleplay: 2012-01-18