Helpful Hints for Explorers At-Large

Hey there, Everypony! Sandy Rivers here once again to tell you what you need to know to survive in the crazy world we call Equestria. Now, I know I'm usually the first pony to say that everything you'll ever need, you can find out in the wild but there's something out there that even the most experienced traveler needs from time to time.

And that's relaxation! Sure, there's places where you can take a load-off when you're out in the field, but a good explorer never lets their guard down and that can get exhausting after several months. A cat-nap at Froggy Bottom Bog or sunbathing in the Dragon's Breath Desert can't hold a candle to the creature comforts of civilization. Now, some of my fellow explorers may not know of this, but there are establishments called "Spas" that specialize in comfort and even hygeine. I know, it sounds obsurd that such a location could exist but they appear to be quite popular among local populations so I decided to visit one myself. For a handful of bits, you'll find yourself treated to deep-tissue massages, HEATED baths, and something called a Mud Mask. At first, I didn't understand the appeal since I could cover my face in mud just about anywhere, but they used a special, green mud. It also came with free cucumbers; an added and delicious bonus! They DID try to peddle me some kind of bath in mud, but flashbacks of getting caught in knee-deep mud while being persued by Moglops prevented me from trying that one out.

After sampling their finest comforts, I was treated to a hooficure, manecut and a light spray from their finest perfume and I was ready to go out on the town! It's funny... I hadn't been treated so finely since I was a little filly... I could hardly recognize myself when they were done! I'll gladly take back everything I've said about not needing society; a fine pampering is exactly what everypony needs to boost their morale and get them ready to go back into the wild. Well, not right away though... I would hate to get my mane messy after all that. I mean, a few days around Ponyville couldn't hurt, right?

-Sandy Rivers