InSpire Arts Emporium: Now Open for Business!!

Welcome! to InSpire Arts Emporium- your one stop shop for all things artwork!

Location: Just outside the Everfree Forest

Room: The Wilds

Owners: Spire Whitewing (propeteir) and Dawnswirl (co owner)

Hours: 11am- 4pm or whenever owners are present in shop


Welcome to the Emporium!


The Everfree forest terrifies many ponies- the animals care for themselves, sometimes eating ponies or griffins; the clouds and plants control their own activity; and it contains many ruins and dangerous paths. However, the Emporium has managed to remove the threat and very presence of the forest by having the entire property surrounded by an iron fence, ingrown with various flowering vines that perfume the air around with sweet scents and delightful colors. Two alicorn statues 'guard' the enterence to the property on either side of a gap facing the town.


Coming into the property, there is a three story, peach colored stucco building slightly off center. In front of it, a circular drive caresses a paintbrush shaped fountain. Paths from the main circle lead off into the backyard and a narrow staircase on the side of the building. The first two floors feature wide banks of sunny windows, and the third floor, while more private, hosts just as many. The doors into the building are double stained glass doors, with a pencil depicted on one and a paintbrush on the other. Across the third floor face is a sign featuring Spire's cutie mark (a pencil and a paintbrush crossed and a paint line behind the two) embalzoned with the loopy, cursivey black words "InSpire Arts Emporium".


Inside the building, the first floor is completely open and sunny thanks to the windows. Two of the walls, to the right of the door, are covered in display-only canvasses which can be shown to a helper for aquisition. To the left of the door is a mahogany halfcircle desk that doubles as a service and cashier desk, and the frront is made of a corkboard- on which visitors can place advertisements and flyers if they wish. The other walls and few shelves display painting smocks, paint pallettes, and easels for the customer to get.

The first two floors are connected by a medium-wide staircase without any banister.

The second floor is divided into two parts, one third a gallery and the other two thirds a continuation of the downstairs store. The art gallery is sunny and bright, with an outdoor staircase leading down to the outdoor section of it. Tapestries and framed artwork dress the walls, hoof woven blankets are featured on the chairs, and chrome side tables hold small statettes. All of the room is filled with cushy benbag chairs, a couch, and various plants in pottery. Everything except for the chairs and sofa is for sale in this room. (for the outdoor gallery, see backyard description). The store bit of the second floor hosts an entire wall of paint and colored pencil colors- more than one hundred of them. A sample of the color and its price are displayed on a slip of paper at the front of its drawer, which you can pull out to access the items inside. Different materials and thicknesses of the pencils and paints are also available. Shelves hold paintbrushes; sketch, charcoal, and water pencils; art cases for storing supplies; sketchbooks of various sizes and paper type; and watercolor sets.

The garden in the back is connected to the gallery by a narrow steel staircase and connected to the front yard by a brick pathway. Gravel and brick pathways in it wind around statues, shape-clipped hedges, brush, and trees, and fountains. These are also for sale. In this backyard is where the lights festivals and ice sculpture contests are held and displayed.

On the third floor, and including the rooftop garden, is Spire Whitewing's personal living space. It connects to the second floor via narrow iron spiral staircase and trapdoor.


The InSpire Arts Emporium hosts several events across the year.

Light Festivals (Fee: 10bits per party)

Decorative lights are strung into lovely shapes all around the trees and bushes and even through the windows to make a spectacular garden of twinkles. Refreshments offered in the gallery room, varying per event.

Held on Nightmare Night, Hearthswarming Eve week, Hearts and Hooves night, and Winter Wrap Up weekend.

Ice Sculpture Contest (Fee: 10bits per entry) and Snowball Fight (Fee: 15bits per pony)

Professional craftsponies from all around Equestria come to carve ice sculptures- winner gets a 50bit Ponyville gift card. All ages, fitness levels, and species welcome for the biggest snowball fight in Ponyville- fling frozen balls of fun at anypony you want! Refreshments of Hot Chocolate, Coffe, and Tea provided in Gallery room.

Ice Sculpture Contest held on coldest week of the Winter, as predicted by weatherponies. Snowball Fight held twice a winter on November 20 and February 1.

InsSpire Arts Emporium not liable for any damages to property or ponies during events. Snowball Fight and Ice Sculpture Contest participants will be asked to sign a waiver, refusal resulting in removal from event. Event schedules, charges, dates, and times subject to change at any time.


The InSpire Arts Emporium has no employees and likely never will, operated only by the owners Spire Whitewing and Dawnswirl.


Update As of May 10-

  • Still waiting on the sign, but thanks to a few talented gardening ponies the whole fenceline is covered in flowering vines and the other plants are looking lovely.
  • Set just behind the Service Desk is now a mural by Dawnswirl- a painting of the Everfree forest from the air, so detailed it looks more like a photograph. A protective, glass-like cover has been permanently applied to the surface.
  • InSpire Arts Emporium inventory has arrived sooner than expected (on Tuesday), and the shelves are now stocked!
  • Spire has completed the decoration of her apartment on the third floor, and is now in the process of moving furniture. She plans to move in permanently by Monday, so she can assist with the placing and construction of the sign at all times.