Jester's Journal

This is to document my life and will remain as a reminder to myself of who am I now and who I once was.

     To start with I was born and raised in Canterlot. As a foal I was among the first in my class to attain my Cutie Mark. I found I had an acute natural ability at games in general, and in later years a flawless ability to draw the Ace of Spades from a deck of cards. In time this led to a gambling habit and eventually to be labelled as a 'Con-Man'. After years I found myself with a large luxurious home and a successful business. Shortly after this I found myself in a bad spot with alot of less than reputable ponies and was forced to leave Canterlot.

     While Traveling I began to review my life and came to realize how horrible of a pony I was. It was at this point that I started to live as I had made so many do, in poverty. Traveling from town to town I hid who I was and dodged any pony from Canterlot. I think I can say that I've changed, but I fear I may just be tricking myself. Then I arrived in Ponyville. They all seem so nice here, so friendly and accepting. I don't want to wrong any of these ponies. I don't want to leave. But then something happened.

     Today I met a Filly from Canterlot, her name is Iona, and she saw right through me. I don't know why but I told her everything. The way she looked at me, the way she spoke to me; it scared me. Not like the ponies who ran me out of Canterlot but like how a foal is scared of his mother, it wasn't that she was angery, it was that she seemed disappointed in me. Her and her friend Mojito Joe tried to help me, and a third. I think her name is Twilight, but all I did was lash out. Like always.

     The fact of the matter is I'm a proud pony and that pride gets in my way, it hurts those I don't mean too. I'm just lucky they forgave me, like so many of my new friends here. I don't want to lose this and I will try my hardest not to. Now to leave things on a good note, I got a job ^^ I will be working in Mojito Joe's shop. And tomorrow I start looking for a home to call my own. Here in Ponyville.