Jewels and Such


A few streets over from Carousel Boutique lies a small two-story building owned by Obsidian, bearing a sign of several gems.
Inside you will find on display jewels of every imaginable color, size, and shape. And if you can't find it, Obsidian will guarantee to stock it in a day or two. If you need anything made into a ring, necklace or what have you, it can be done. Also on display are various cups, plates, candle-holders, and other knick-knacks that look like glass at first. But these fixtures are in fact, made of specially treated gemstone. Commissions are open if you want a custom set.
This store is supplied by Obsidian's mine, found in the hills between Fluttershy's cottage and Dragon Mountain. These labyrinthine tunnels are populated by a colony of Diamond Dogs led by Alpha_Bowie. But don’t expect to ever see the tunnels, as pairs of guard patrol the surface area and send trespassers on their way. If you have the password (changed weekly) then the guards will escort you to the offices to be seen by either Obsidian or Alpha_Bowie.