Journal Entry of Nurse Dart Heart



Today, something very strange happened. I have gotten a job in Ponyville as Nurse. I am happy to be a medic, but it is slightly dampened by the fact that my younger brother, Grind, has also gotten the job. But, I digress. I am helping ponies, and many would tell others that I did. At least, I hope they would.

However, this is not the strange part. The strange part is Panty. Apparently, she arrived in Ponyville, and nopony knew who she was. Which, okay, again, is not very odd. But what is, is that she did not know either. She did not know anything of her past. She seemed to remember more, but it was slow, like a faucet not turned all the way off. However, she ended up in the medical tent at some point. The exact reason why, I do not know. But this morning, at four when it was still dark, I went to check on her. She was sleeping, but I stayed. My brother burst in, but I shooed him off, and it was then Panty woke. She said things like, "I'm still a pony," and, "I miss my hands." So, I ask her about things. and you know what I found out?

Panty is an Angel. And most ponies, they will think I am crazy. But I am not. She is from another land, a land a believe is the same as one my mother told me of when I was young. Or, at least similar. The hands, the odd names of towns - it works. And so, I also believe Panty to be an Angel. I even saw her to have wings for a moment.

But they faded. And she is weak, and without her sister. I do not know how to help her, but I will. Along with the strange not-ponies my mother told me of, she also told me of Angels. Pony Angels, but Angels still. And one thing, always, is to help them. For you may be helped in return. I also have taken a more personal liking to Panty. She is different, yes, but very charming, too. In a...Panty way.

Once again, Journal. I do not know if anypony will really believe me, or Panty. But she is an Angel. I know it.

                                                                                                                                                          ~Dart Heart