Klondike's Cafe

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Klondike

Location: In the hub, near Sugar Cube Corner.

Room: The Hub

Description: Upon entering, perhaps the one thing that jumps out at the viewer is the lack of conventional chairs. Tossed about the round tables haphazardly are tie-dye bean bags. The tables share this rather colorful mode as it would seem that somepony took the table to its side and began to fling paint upon it. Contrasting the rather colorful furniture is the dark wood floors and cream walls. The walls are adorned with pictures, pictures that seemed to have nothing to do with one another. Clouds, looming towers, abstract art, wait, is that a picture of a penguin? Needless to say, the decor is confused, as if it was thrown together haphazardly last moment by some jittery pony. The obvious exit is southward, while the kitchen is eastward. Northward and to the right is a door which leads into a room. There is a secret trap door that serves as storage, probably located under that out of place rug. The possibility of being eaten by a grue is slim.

Time announced to roleplay: 2011-05-03