Letters from Sable Night

Dear residents of Ponyville.


How are you all? I believe that I am doing well. My journey is going well, and I am seeing many interesting things. It has been around month since I left you, and I miss you all. I do not have time to describe them all to you, but I would like to tell you about my travels anyway. As some of you may know, it was very difficult for me to for acclimate to my uhmn.. this.. pony-ness. I left you, and while it pained me to do so, I saw no other options available to me. So, I followed the stars, and through them I have grown. This world is wide, vast, immense, and out there beyond it are ever more, ever changing places. As I travel, my mind is eased of the compulsion to take note of every little thing. I am learning to relax, and though I do not seem to grow, my perceptions and sense of self expands. I hope that when I return I will be the same pony tht left you, but I am not certain this will be the case.


I have traveled through our lands, the pony territories, and met many interesting ponies, and even helped some individuals along with advice. I do not know where the words come from, but when something inside of me just switches on, there are things that I say that always bring a change in the ones I speak to, but not always for the better. Our land is wide and filled with many peoples, some of them bigger, some of them smaller. Some are kind, some are not, but none have gone out of their way to hinder me.


I have left our territories, after sampling some foodstuffs on the border to get an idea of what lay ahead. It made me feel ill, so I instead spent a few days heading back, to supply myself with various dried fruits and preserves. In this place there are many people, but they are not like us. They do not eat the way we do, and they are vicious. I believe they are called Griffins. I have gone very far into this mountainous region, and I feel that I must change direction soon.


I know that you have all gone through tough times recently, I felt them approaching, and I am glad that things are back to as normal as they get around you... It will probably be some time before I send another letter, it took some doing to get this one sent from where I am. I do not expect another letter to be sent out until I move into another land. I see a shining place, so far away, out upon the sea, and I shall head west toward it soon.


With Care and Best Wishes, Sable Night.