Lunar Festival Grounds

The festival staging ground lies east of ponyville, dug and cleared just the day before by a very hard working individual, and built in the night after, consist of two separate stages, a dance floor, and a crowd area as well. Everything is arranged around the large triangular Dance Floor, it being the apparent centerpiece. On the southwest, is an area filled with stalls for ponies to sell their delicious or beautiful wares at, and various booths and tables aligned at a vantage point to see both stages. The northwest side is the Performance Stage, lit up brightly for musicians and performers. On the east side, exists a stage for Princess Luna and her escort. To the far west is the entry gate, where the free (mandatory) glowing, luminescent accessories will be give out to ponies in attendance. Additionally, on either side of the pavilion is a statue of ponies dancing, warming up for things to get into full swing.

The Triangular Dance Floor itself is very large. If one were to stand back, they would notice upon it, a large (arguably stylized) artistic depiction of Princess Luna's Cutie Mark, made of glowing blue paints courtesy of a certain rainbow-riffic artist. In the center of the Dance Floor, is a booth of sorts, on a platform. Rotated with controls in the booth, colored lights and strobes adorn the overhanging rigging, also controlled by the booth. Large speakers are built in, and smaller speakers are at each corner of the triangle. In the middle of the booth is a chair, and around the chair, is all the equipment a DJ might need, including turn-tables, a sound mixer, head phones, a microphone, and a space to store records. On closer inspection, the dance floor is made up of smaller triangular tiles instead of one big slab, for easy repair and replacement. There are two statues of dancing ponies at the northwest corner, facing the performance stage and appearing to dance the night away.

The smaller stage in terms of width, yet larger in height of platform, and certainly the more impressive, is the platform exclusive to Princess Luna and her Royal Guards. The platform starts at the front, with some silver railed steps, covered in a long carpet, leading up and across the stage, to the center. Either side of the platform, just above the edges of the steps, sit two fire bowls, with blue flames crackling from them. At the center of the stage, sits a large thrown, on a raised portion of the stage, with a small table beside it, with a built in ice-cooler, and two flags either side of the throne, displaying Princess Luna's Cutie Mark. The throne itself, has a large cushion placed on it, and the back rest towers high, adorned with pattern of stars, and ending in a small statue of Princess Luna herself, holding up a crescent moon over head, with her wings spread, illuminated softly by unknown means. To either side of the primary stage are statues, each of three ponies together, singing praises to Luna, courtesy of an unknown artist. Another gift from an anonymous benefactor is a work between the east corner and Luna's stage, a collection of ponies bowing in respect to an artistic interpretation of an older Luna. Behind the throne, is a curtained off area, hiding rooms, consisting of a break room for the guards and servants, and some private rooms for whatever The Princess purposes them as. There is a single set of stairs around the back, leading into these rooms.

The Performance Stage, is a stage set up, for the convenience of musicians and performers that may be approved to play by a planning committee or Luna herself. (Or Celestia, assuming she feels like embarrassing her sister with something.) Surrounding the stage, is a large cube frame of sorts, with spot-lights of various sizes and colors, and smoke machines, pointed at the stage, for whatever focus or atmosphere the performers might need. Upon both sides of the stage, sit two very large loudspeaker sets. A slot exits, near the back of the open stage area, hiding with in it, several backdrops, which can be mechanically drawn out with the pull of a lever. All of these things are controlled from back stage, where a control panel exits, along with changing rooms, a break room, a storage room for instruments and props, and some stairs leading out the back. To each side of the stage is a statue of a different pony, both Pegasus, one playing a trumpet, the other a lute, on the left and right respectively.

Decorations are widely present, silver and blue ribbons to drape along the stages, and a collection of items will be provided in booths for paltry sums to cover the building costs, souvenirs, such as 'I went to the first Lunar Festival and all I got was this lousy saddle blanket' saddle blankets, plushies, collectable mugs and various and sundry other items. Temporary dyes will be available for purchase to ponies who wish to really get into the party spirit, as well as earplugs for ponies who wish it was a wee bit less loud.