Marelantis Expedition is looking for a team

The city of Marelantis was recorded as having been lost in a storm though while many believe it is an old pony tale, there are some rare relics that have appeared from time to time that seem to point to it having been a real place. The Marelanteans were rumored to be a city of powerful unicorns who discovered a way to enchant stones with a spell that enabled the stone to augment the magic of the holder. Different types of minerals were used for this purpose (as long as they were pure specimens) not just rubies but for simplicity, they are all referred to as Marelantean Rubies. Shadow Orchid has no reference for which stone resonates with which magic power. She seeks a Marelantean Ruby made of diamond because she believes that because carbon is the building block of life, the diamond will resonate with growth magic. We will seek Marelantis its self most likely. The map only reveals where the Marelantean Ruby she desires can be found.

(Bonus speculation: Are the elements of harmony built from Marelantean Rubies?)

OK, that's the what, here's the why: SleepyMix broke his horn. His sister-friend Lotta introduced him to MojitoJoe who knew that if anypony could re-grow a horn, it would be Shadow Orchid. She performed the ritual for SleepyMix but at the cost of a rare somatic component: 12 pearls harvested during the night of a blue moon. MojitoJoe had confided in Shadow Orchid his desire to help SleepyMix become a successful businesspony so she decided that as payment for the pearls, she would set him as captain of this expedition to retrieve the Marelantean Ruby.

If you are interested in joining the expedition, please make your wishes known in this thread: