MLP RPG Templates for BESM

 Can't believe Equestria Daily actually beat us to this story. One of our member Puer_cha aka Kitsune.Tales aka Egghead aka Doc Herbs (BESM Character sheet and Chat profileMade a MLP RPG Template for BESM. Take a look and give some feed back!

We have planned on making BESM as our official roleplay system and intergrates it into the chat profile... but there have been so much work to do here lately I have been pushed back. However, with this extra help, we probably are just a few more discussion away from making this a possbility! Not only that, but I personally think that our goal are extremely similar. Here is the evident:

Kitsune.Tales (Egghead) said...

 The act of making a character sheet for fillydelphia may have more merit in designing and flushing out a character's skills, attributes, personality, and history more than making them combat-ready.


Which, I pretty much agree completely. MLP roleplay should be more about understanding your character and other characters rather then combat based. I hope to see more development in this in the future!

PS: The stock picture is just me being silly. Inspirated by this

Once again,  MLP RPG Template for BESM

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